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FK Family Office Services

1. Financial & Strategic Planning

The starting point for systematic and comprehensive advice is financial and strategic planning. We provide a variety of services with care, trust, and an understanding of your situation to take the individual needs of our customers into account. Your happiness is paramount. Financial and Strategic Planning focuses on the following services:

    1. Financial & Strategic planning

    Asset Consolidation and Reporting

    Asset Consolidation

    Integration of external assets and non-bankable asset and consolidation of multiple banking relationships

    Consolidated Reporting

    Customised financial statements according to your preference

    Global Custody Solutions
    • Grouping of several managers and banks through a single depositary
    • Effort and cost savings through concentration of non-performance-relevant banking infrastructure, without limiting multi-manager diversification
    Tax Reporting
    • Simple and cost-optimized tax reporting or highly professional and very comprehensive tax reporting depending on requirements, tax complexity and country of domicile
    • Coordination and interface formation with your tax advisor
    1. Financial & Strategic planning

    Cash Management & Finance Solutions

    Access to Cash Management and Collateral Loans

    Cash Management solutions and services to manage daily liquidity needs

    Cash Transactions

    Simplification and automation of payment transactions using suitable payment products

    Private and Commercial Financing Solutions
    • Provision and organisation of medium to long-term financing opportunities
    • Fixed and variable credit sourcing through access to specialised third party providers for specific purposes of credit
    • Peer-to-Peer Lending
    Private and Commercial Mortgages

    Mortgage comparison among all mortgage lenders
    in the market. Search for the most favourable interest conditions in the specific market area.

    Credit Maturity Management

    Monitoring and prompt notification of expiring credit facilities as well as loan renewal, in combination with duration management

    1. Financial & Strategic planning

    Asset Structuring & (Tax-) Strategy Planning

    Asset Structuring and Strategy Planning

    Analysis of the asset structure and derivation of suitable measures to optimise bulk risks, country risks, issuer risks, liquidity risks and interest rate risks as well as high level hedging strategies

    Tax Planning and Tax Optimization

    Tax benchmarking and planning of the expected tax liabalities. Assessment of tax structuring options with the aim of minimising the tax burden, within the legal possibilities

    Implementation and Ongoing Target Achievement Control

    Support in the implementation of defined measures to optimize the asset structure as well as periodic control and reporting of the long-term achievement of personal goals.

    1. Financial & Strategic planning

    Consulting, Assessment & Sales (for Entrepreneurs & Executives)

    Business valuation

    Support for simple to detailed and complex business company valuations. Regular market valuation of your company investments (Private Equity).

    Business Consultancy

    Business consultancy in the areas of digital transformation, innovation, cybersecurity, analysis, internal audit, corporate strategy, supply chain & operations, risk management & transformation, program management, finance and customer relations.

    Business sales

    Support, coordination and processing in corporate sales, mergers and acquisitions due to corporate succession or improvement of overall diversification.

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    Sign up for the market commentary.

    We look forward to hearing from you and presenting our custom-made consulting services. Get in touch with us.

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