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By granting an discretionary mandate, you benefit from our experience as professional assets manager. You free yourself from individual decisions, giving you more time to live and enjoy life.




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Do you lack the time or the expertise to deal with the financial markets on a daily basis? Delegate the management of your assets to us. We define your personal strategy based on your goals and wishes and derive the appropriate investment solution from it. That’s why we start with a personal discussion. In this meeting, we jointly define your optimal investment strategy so that you can then leave the investment decisions to us. We manage your portfolio comprehensively and professionally with continuous monitoring – so that you achieve the best possible result and your portfolio develops positively.

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  • Suitable for private and institutional investors
  • Flexible and active asset allocation
  • Investment amount from CHF 250,000.00
  • Bandwidths Risk classes

1.Discuss your needs

As an individual, you are the focus of our initial consultation. We want to understand your life situation, know your goals and take your wishes into account. For us, your personal situation and financials are the foundation of your tailor-made investment solution. In doing so, we leverage our years of experience
to tailor our products and services to your individual interests and to satisfy your needs and preferences.

2.Identifying your risk profile

How your assets are invested is determined by you and your personal client advisor. The combination of your willingness to take risks, investment horizon, investment experience and financial situation will form the basis of your personal investment strategy. The result of our analysis has a direct influence on the expected return. The goal is to link your risk tolerance and investment horizon with realistic profit targets. These three most important factors (investment horizon, expected return and risk tolerance) are characterised by direct interdependence and are to be weighted individually for all customers.

3.Strategy decision and model selection

Together we determine your investment strategy, based on your goals and wishes. According to your needs and financial situation, you have several individual management models at your disposal. Together we will put together your personal, tailor-made mandate.


Three Strategies for Three Different Investor Profiles

The FK Discretionary Mandate is available in three different risk models, depending on evaluation of your risk appetite, you can choose your individual mandate. The risk models are based primarily on the equity allocation, which we flexibly align depending on the market situation. Equities can deliver better long-term returns than other asset classes. The more flexible the share strategy,

the higher the potential in different market phases. With Finanz Konzept you profit from an innovative and exclusive investment approach, characterised by flexibility. When selecting third party products and third party providers, we focus on independence, risk management and low costs. a single solution gives you access to the entire global investment universe.

Choose your contract model

Depending on the scope of support and advice, desired monitoring, reporting and additional financial information, you can choose from four advisory services:

4.Implementation of your investment goals

Our portfolio management takes care of the implementation of your investment strategy. We always align your portfolio to the current market situation and economic situation. The dynamic interplay of the markets is paramount in our investment process.


1. Business Cycle Analysis
(Qualitative Approach)

The basis for the investment process is the determination of the current stage in the economic cycle. Every month, over 50 weighted average fundamentals per economic area are analysed and indexed for their region of reference (USA, EU, CH). The results are compared with the last three months and equalised with a moving average, to eliminate short-term disruptions in the economic data and to avoid unnecessary rebalancing. The equalisation also allows for the most accurate forecast of the current economic stage (downturn, recession, upturn, expansion).

1.Identification of relevant economic indicators per economic area

2. Analysis, adjustment and summarisation of  an index

3. Determination of the current phase in the economic cycle (monthly)

2. Monthly adjustment of the basic strategy according to the economic situation

On specific dates if the economic condition changes, the investment strategy is completely rotated to the pre-defined investment strategy appropriate for the relevant economic cycle. This means, due to the clearly defined parameters, an investment decision does not go through cumbersome investment committees and unnecessary process chains. Thus, we are always one step ahead in the implementation.

The underlying investment strategy is based on a scientifically recognised factor model as well as classical, continuously improved diversification strategies for the other asset classes. Depending on the market environment, we prefer different asset classes. Therefore, your investments are not simply statically left to their own devices.

5.Supervision and managing of assets

Our experts ensure your assets are permanently monitored and under strict risk control. We thoroughly and transparently inform you with a report on the development of your portfolio.


3. Risk control –
Daily monitoring of the Equity Ratio (Quantitative Approach)

Superordinate to the flexible basic strategy, daily, dynamic, automated risk control is carried out, based on the short and medium-term volatility measures within the equity strategy. In the event of increasing risks, the equity ratio will promptly be reduced, in favour of bonds with excellent issuer quality. Depending on the economic cycle, the interest rate strategy is also adjusted. In an environment of rising interest rates, the focus is on short-term maturities and

in an environment of stagnating or falling interest rates on long-term maturities. This enables an additional return compared to similar strategies. The rebalancing takes place through clearly defined mathematical parameters and is free from individual decision makers. This ensures that the strategy is followed objectively and independent of people. With a strategy of such great flexibility, it is especially important to avoid emotional tendencies.

Effects of Volatility on the Equity Allocation

Implementation and reporting

Thanks to the collaboration with carefully selected Fintech partners, Finanz Konzept has the ability to rely on state-of-the-art IT solutions. Our platform covers the entire value chain within asset management. The perfection lies in the interplay of the individual modules with each other. This enables us to implement the investment strategies quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to an integrated risk and control system, we always have our individual goals in view. You can benefit from transparent investment reporting, which provides you with a detailed overview of your assets at all times. You can customize your report individually from more than 30 elements and, if desired, also integrate external assets into the report.

Traditional investing.

Reliable & Secure.

With our funds, you can invest in various categories that are difficult to access and specialised: We cover precious metals, bonds and physical diamonds with our two diversified funds. This allows you to benefit cost-effectively and with low risk from the developments on the financial markets, drawing on our expertise, experience and track record. Due to the low correlation between physical diamonds, precious metals and bonds, our funds are ideal for a diversification strategy.
Our funds are ideal for qualified investors with an investment volume of CHF 100,000 or more.

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  • Triple Opportunity Fixed Income

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Agile decisions.

Flexible solutions.

“If you only walk on sunny days, you’ll never reach your destination.” – Chinese wisdom

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We look forward to hearing from you and presenting our custom-made consulting services. Get in touch with us.

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