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Implementation of the target investments


Monitoring and management of assets

Professional Execution
of Your Decisions

You have lots of good ideas about what you want to buy and sell, and you need quick and reliable access to professional traders and an open platform. independent investment decisions ‘execution only’ exclusively include the execution, the receipt and transfer of orders from several instruments, and is intended for investors who wish to conduct their investment business independently and on their own responsibility. Finanz Konzept will not offer any investment advice. Our Execution Mandate provides you with direct, reliable access to international finance markets and financial information.

Execution Only Mandate at a Glance

  • You want fast, direct execution of orders without additional advice
  • You have good knowledge of the financial market
  • You have trade experience and know exactly how this service fits into your overall investment goals
  • You can carry out all transactions at your own risk
  • Your portfolio is supervised by an independent external asset manager
  • Personal advisor who does not provide investment advice
  • No active contact by Finanz Konzept in the investment area
  • No minimum investment
  • If required, additional trading information about the instrument or issuer concerned will be made available to you
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  • Minimal transaction fees
  • Simple, convenient and easy to use
  • Suitable for experienced investors
  • From CHF 100’000.00

Traditional investing.

Reliable & Secure.

With our funds, you can invest in various categories that are difficult to access and specialised: We cover precious metals, bonds and physical diamonds with our two diversified funds. This allows you to benefit cost-effectively and with low risk from the developments on the financial markets, drawing on our expertise, experience and track record. Due to the low correlation between physical diamonds, precious metals and bonds, our funds are ideal for a diversification strategy.
Our funds are ideal for qualified investors with an investment volume of CHF 100,000 or more.

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Our fonds:
  • Triple Opportunity Fixed Income

Independent advice.

Agile decisions.

Flexible solutions.

“If you only walk on sunny days, you’ll never reach your destination.” – Chinese wisdom

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Sign up for the market commentary.

We look forward to hearing from you and presenting our custom-made consulting services. Get in touch with us.

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