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Identifying your risk profile

How your assets are invested is determined by you and your personal client advisor. The combination of your willingness to take risks, investment horizon, investment experience and financial situation will form the basis of your personal investment strategy. The result of our analysis has a direct influence on the expected return. The goal is to link your risk tolerance and investment horizon with realistic profit targets. These three most important factors (investment horizon, expected return and risk tolerance) are characterised by direct interdependence and are to be weighted individually for all customers.

    Traditional investing.

    Reliable & Secure.

    With our funds, you can invest in various categories that are difficult to access and specialised: We cover precious metals, bonds and physical diamonds with our two diversified funds. This allows you to benefit cost-effectively and with low risk from the developments on the financial markets, drawing on our expertise, experience and track record. Due to the low correlation between physical diamonds, precious metals and bonds, our funds are ideal for a diversification strategy.
    Our funds are ideal for qualified investors with an investment volume of CHF 100,000 or more.

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    Our Fonds:
    • Triple Opportunity Fixed Income
    • Physical Diamond

    Social Investing.

    Control & Comprehensive.

    To provide you with an individual investment strategy, we have merged some of the leading investment approaches into different portfolios. Even if you are not a client, you can also benefit from our expertise and choose your preferred investment strategy that suits your risk preferences. Our Wikifolios currently offer you the opportunity to pursue an alpha- or beta-based strategy. The alpha trading approach is based on a mix of various indicators, technical analysis, market cycles and fundamental analysis. It is designed to exploit temporary over and under valuations in capital markets and this by selecting from a broad investment universe where numerous opportunities are created to generate excess returns. Our multi-factor strategies are based on a cycle-rotation-model where the strategy orientation is based on fundamental data/analysis and the overall economic cycle and the daily portfolio rebalancing is based on market volatility. Last but not least, Swiss-based clients have a balanced, broadly diversified strategy at their disposal in order to acquire a solid and cost-effective portfolio independently of private banks, even for a very small investment amount.

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    • Next Economy
    • Consistent Growth
    • Sustainable Value
    • Alpha Trading

    Next-Gen Investing.

    Innovative & Scalable.

    If you are looking for a modern investment opportunity that is efficient, requires little attention and costs even less, our Robo-Advisory is the right choice for you. Robo-Advisory is derived from English and means as much as robot consultant. It is a computer algorithm that can create a portfolio according to your specifications, wishes, strategies or preferences. It is based on a large amount of data and can optimally achieve targets and minimise risk through mechanical and systematic analysis of financial markets. It can access thousands of securities, investment classes and products and determine the optimal combination of these values. Your portfolio is reviewed, redesigned or restructured in real time, without your assistance. In addition, the algorithm ignores any human emotion, ensuring fully rational and objective portfolio management. In plain language, this means that with a digital portfolio manager you set certain standards that are always perfectly implemented. However, you also have the option of changing, optimising, simulating, comparing or manually carrying out a reallocation of strategic targets, and you remain fully in control of your savings with the Robo Advisory.

    Our Robo Advisory starts with an investment amount of CHF 20,000 and charges an all-in fee of a maximum of 0.85% p.a., making it one of the cheapest providers in Switzerland.

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    • No custody, retro or trading fees
    • Automatic monitoring, rebalancing, reporting and risk management
    • High personalised ability: monitor, test, compare, optimise
    • Reliable, efficient, simple and direct
    • Tax Reporting Inclusive (Switzerland)

    Crypto investing

    Innovative & Rich in Opportunities.

    You want to invest in crypto currencies? In the meantime, there is a vast number of innovative and new products and possibilities, whereby the greatest dangers lurk when choosing the right solution. Many suppliers are neither regulated nor do they guarantee security for storage in so-called wallets. In addition, there are now countless different coins, including many dubious offers. Recently, authorities around the world took strong action against this unregulated market, which caused this speculation bubble to burst. Nevertheless, the range of products and services on offer continues to grow. This makes it very difficult for less experienced investors to determine the right offer and the right addition to an existing portfolio structure. Ultimately, individual risk capacity and risk tolerance must not be ignored. We will be happy to work with you to determine how high the proportion of this asset class should be in the context of your existing asset allocation. We rely exclusively on Swiss certificate solutions from regulated and established third-party providers.

    How can I invest in crypto currencies?

    It is very easy to access the digital means of payment via crypto currency exchanges. The purchased coins are also stored and managed there. However, it has often been shown that storage via crypto exchanges is only conditionally secure. On the one hand, dangers lurk due to the insolvency of these exchanges or hacker attacks, as well as due to the legal domiciles of these exchanges, which are often located in emerging markets. Many Swiss banks now offer certificates for investments in crypto currencies. Such solutions are somewhat more expensive, but have the advantage that you have to worry far less about storage and security. When switching from digital to traditional currencies and vice versa, crypto exchanges are usually even more expensive. However, we can help you gain secure access to trading crypto currencies by investing in certificates from selected third-party providers.

    Should I invest in crypto currencies?

    Trading in crypto currencies is highly speculative. At the moment we can see that volatility is decreasing somewhat, but is still extraordinarily high compared to traditional asset classes. Only those who have a high risk tolerance – and ability – should consider buying crypto currencies at all. The future of crypto currencies is uncertain. There is a possibility that a technically superior digital currency will quickly overtake the existing crypto currencies or that a regulated government digital currency will be introduced. Just as well, extreme market events can drastically shake confidence in the classic central bank system and help crypto currencies to a second spring. Where the journey is going, nobody can give you a serious answer – not even we. Every investor has to ask himself this question.

    How can I make sure whether a supplier of crypto products is serious?

    Don’t believe everything on the Internet. Often promising reviews come directly from the environment of the providers. Check whether the provider is domiciled in a country where legal certainty is guaranteed and the provider is supervised accordingly (by a regulatory authority). Before investing in virtual currencies, make sure that you make sufficient investments in advance and only make investments if the provider’s business model is understandable and comprehensible. In addition, obtain independent expert opinions in order to make the safest possible choice. Switzerland is one of the largest marketplaces for crypto products and services and offers sufficient opportunities. However, not all providers have the appropriate authorisation. Check FINMA’s warning list in advance:

    Since crypto offers shoot out of the ground like mushrooms, this list is never exhaustive. Report dubious Swiss providers directly to the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and protect other investors from potential fraudsters. In any case, we advise inexperienced investors against new initial coin offerings (ICOs). We cannot and do not wish to support this form of crypto investing. The risk with such offers is simply too great.

    Where can I find further information on crypto currencies and the underlying blockchain technology?

    If you are interested in the technical side (and understand it), you should take a closer look at this document:

    If you want to stay up to date and look for a serious publication, you should subscribe to the Crypto Research Report by Cryptoresearch.

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    Independent advice.

    Agile decisions.

    Flexible solutions.

    “If you only walk on sunny days, you’ll never reach your destination.” – Chinese wisdom

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